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This Article was Published: 16 / 1 / 2020






By Mr Anastasios Maraslis,
President/Director of Marasco Marine Ltd
[email protected]


Most recent events in the ever changing world have brought the subject of risk into higher profile. Evaluating the range of available risk management techniques and choosing the most appropriate response in each case is an increasingly significant element of managerial responsibility in today's business environment.

Marasco Marine Ltd focuses and aims at generating and enhancing its esteemed clientele’s awareness for risk management and the consequences of its lack in day to day shipping business operations.

It’s true, we cannot eliminate risk entirely, that would be ideal, but our challenge is to identify the right risk to take and to eliminate or minimize high or catastrophic risk and its potential negative impact with first class security marine insurance policies. Marasco Marine Ltd is dealing with marine risks since 1991, having a successful track record in prompt claim payments, securing its clientele’s peace of mind and business survival at the most critical times, when mostly needed, producing valuable benefits for the shipping company and its assets, with care.

Marasco Marine’s underwriting/claims team and its BOA’s measure risk in terms of probability and potential impact to your assets. However, taking a risk can also result in a positive outcome and Marasco Marine technology in risk management will assist you to decide correctly how you may have a significant effect in premium control, same as risk control.

Marasco Marine serves responsibly and consciously its mission, that is building Risk Awareness to its shipping clientele and the world wide shipping community in managing risks effectively for best possible results in their company’s finances and future prosperity.

Make the most of our expertise in risk management and let us show you how our technology applied in your case can be beneficial to your company, in analyzing and minimizing risk, turn risk into opportunity, and manage uncertainty, thus insuring the future of your company!


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