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This Article was Published: 18 / 3 / 2014




The cyclicality of shipping business is forcing, during its low periods, many unprepared companies to step out of the business game and left others wounded. It’s a challenge!

In every challenge those who are fittest and better armoured have a better chance to survive or win.

In 1991 the BDI and the freight market condition was about at the same levels as it is today.

Shipowners were again challenged by low freight rates, cutting throat competition, oversupply of tonnage and lack of ship finance.

Since 1991, Marasco Marine provides light to carry (reduced cost) but strong (efficient), armours which enable our clients to cope and last longer challenging - battle - periods, at logical, tailor made costs.

Twenty three years is the time we sharpen our skills confronting new challenges, every day, tirelessly, offering well designed Hull & Machinery Policies, Piracy and War risk, P&I, Crew Medical and Health P&I buyback plans, Yacht, Open Cargo Policies, Dangerous cargoes and of course Charterers liabilities, just to mention few of our numerous Marine related risk insurance policies.

Claims for Particular Average, Total loss, General Average etc have been paid diligently with our co coordinated actions and professional advices.

Not all vessels are the same and not all companies have the same needs and risk taking capacity. However sometimes they are treated as such. You see, in our times the tendency is to homogeneous products and homogeneous services.

Consider this. What would better cover your assets from financial losses in case of accident? A usual homogeneous insurance product (policy) or a tailor made Marasco Marine solution? Is your Insurance premium buying the most cover it can buy or buys cover under terms which could be manageable in exchange of a rebate?

The challenge is yours but you don’t have to confront it alone. 


Please, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and ask our professional input on, how you can save money in your policies premium, prior to your policies renewal date.


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