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This Article was Published: 17 / 6 / 2016




Dry bulk shipping is hit hard, with negative freight rates, the last seven years - with some corrections, which couldn’t resist the downward market spiral for too long -.

The negative revenues you experience, in dry bulk shipping, necessitate now, more than ever before, the search for solutions in cutting down vessels’ daily running expenses, as it is undisputedly a matter of survival.
Insurance premium, as major cost in vessels’ daily running expenses, can be bettered – by many companies - without risking the security and sentiment of assurance provided to you.

Undoubtedly it is a necessity, for you too, this period of uncertainty to save in costs by reducing:

  • Economic risks, and
  • Insurance premium.

Marasco Marine Ltd, provides specialized marine insurance services, management of risks, and claims management, with resourceful tailor made insurance policies, to the International Shipping community, SINCE 1991.

You, might also wish to cut costs, and you are probably in the look out to achieve savings overall, although, you might also feel, that things will improve, remaining thus undecided on which is the best course of action you should take and, when.

Experience has proven us, throughout the years that the best time is NOW. Why? Procrastination has a cost. It has an impact on your vessels’ and company’s ability to overcome and survive, long term losses, which tend to accumulate, drying up a company’s cash flow ability, (which is fundamental), in a cutting throat market like the one we are experiencing, today.


Please, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] and ask our professional input on, how you can save money in your policies premium, prior to your policies renewal date.


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